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You are invited to take part in this voluntary study examining the barriers and facilitators to COVID-19 preventative measures in Black communities.

This will be a virtual, audio-recorded interview, during which you will be asked a series of closed and open-ended questions about your experience with COVID-19.


  • Opportunity to lend your voice to understanding the impact of COVID19 on the Black Canadian population and increase your knowledge on the subject.
  • What is learned from this study will contribute to academic literature on the experiences of black communities with COVID-19 and help determine ways to improve experiences of these communities for recovery and future prevention of such a pandemic.
  • Confidentiality assured

Inclusion criteria:

  • Black Canadians or individuals of African descent (including immigrants) 
  • Black Canadians/immigrants or individuals of African descent residing in Canada
  • Individuals over the age of 18 Individuals that can understand and speak either English or French 
  • Individuals that have the ability to give informed consent 
  • 30- 45 minutes time commitment 

Ethical Approval

This study has been reviewed by the University of Toronto Research Ethics Board and received

ethics clearance.

Promotional partners 

Thank you to our promotional partners Black in Sask, African Nova Scotia Affairs, African Communities of Manitoba and ASE Community Foundation for Black Canadians with Disabilities for supporting the outreach efforts to connect this initiative to our shared community. 




Please fill out the information in this form to be considered to participate. Please start by filling in that you agree to the RTC Inclusion criteria by stating "I agree" below to continue.

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